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buuushino. <3

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10:39 pm: I officially gained weight. ):
 And officially got a car!

Presenting my not-so-brand new car, a Mazda Protégé '98! Automatic, barely ANY rust, AC and cd player, POWER STEARING *eye tear* and it's smooth, to boot. 
I drove it tonight for the first time... and I love it. :') I feel it growing on me already. Especially at the license bureau when the guy took out a brand new license plate, that plate already felt like mine. And to have it on my car, well... it's like my name's on a label, on the rear of the car.

CD PLAYER. I mean, think about it. It's a '98. I was so sure it would have a cassette player, for some reason. xD

But... Shane doesn't fit in most cars, which is totally sad, I find. I'll stop complaining about my short and stocky legs. The fact that I have to bring my seat so close if I want to reach the pedals. x______x;; At least I can sit in the thing.

My new baby:

I don't know why, but the first cd I am playing in this car is AFI. Sing The Sorrow. I don't know why, it just will be. 

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