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09:50 pm: It's tearing me apart
 Tomorrow's the last day of school, and the Springfest. Now, apparently, this is a big deal. All the guys are going, and I was told that even some kids from Dawson and Vanier are going to be coming for it as well "because we're the only ones who have the campus for it!" Hmm. 
I made banana-chocolate chip muffins, healthy ones too - although not as healthy as they could have been, I used skim milk instead of soy milk, and 2 eggs instead of 4 egg whites, but only because I only had 3 eggs left! but no butter, oil, anything - and I'm bringing them to school tomorrow. I think they're the finest creation of mine yet. Thanks for the recipe, Nicole.

I'm thinking of sticking a Post-It under one of the muffins, one that says: "I don't know why, but if it were up to me, we'd be more than friends". I already wrote it out. I know the brave thing to do would be to just say it, but if I leave it up to that, I'm pretty sure I'll chicken out, big time. I wish I were more confident about it all, but I'm not. It's odd, you'd think after several offers that my self-esteem would be up. But no, I'm still as shy and unsure. It's because I really really expect him to be the one to make a move. It's what I hope, every day.
I'd hand him the muffin, with the note under it, and smile. And run. Haha.

Tomorrow's Illustrator class is the last one, officially. So the Summer Without Scissors will begin. I'm a look like a hippy by September, yay.

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