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09:14 pm: I'm the Ice Queen
 I think I'll become like that girl at school - the pretty one that looks like a doll but seems as cold as one - because it just seems easier that way. She was really nice to me at the Café Suprême today, though. 

Thank God for long shifts, nights alone and music. And jellybeans, they save a girl's life and spirit. Thank you Sushi Shop for making me think of nothing else than Vancouver Maki, Tofu Maki and Spring Rolls. Much better than being an empty shell. Well, at least I made cash. I bought new jeans and a rad green tank top that has a cute face sketched on it. And idiot me only found my H&M gift card after I bought and wore the clothes. Meh, I'll just go back.
Fuck him. I don't care anymore. I don't care about anything.

I don't plan to chase after anyone this summer.

Current Music: His Girl Friday - The Academy Is...
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