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buuushino. <3

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09:37 pm: We made a lot of friends and even more enemies;
 I GOT THE SUSHI SHOP JOB. I seriously wanted to hug the lady when she gave me my tank-tee, cap and apron. She asked me what I wanted to be, and of course I said roller, because how could I pass on learning how to make sushi? Give that up for customers? Never! I will have to learn cash eventually, but yeah. I chose sushi roller. (: I start Saturday at 9:30am!

Uhm, apart from a soon-to-be STEADY CASH FLOW coming in, my PDHT dilemma might not be a lost cause after all. Not that anyone really seems to care; but really, if I come down to it, I don't wanna "go back", nor do I want another year with 17 year olds. ): I'll be turning 19, dammit. I will most probably be able to continue on with my second year fall classes, while adding on the prerequesite first year fall classes I didn't take.

Mum bought me scented cherries to put in the Mazda. Yeah, I call her Madeleine, sometimes, because she's just cool and human like that. Madeleine was happy that I've been taking her out lately. Even her gas level is being favorable with me. Heh. We love each other.

I took a walk with Shawn today; it was odd, but it felt good. Kind of like putting old slippers: you don't know if they'll hold, but they're so damn comfy. They scare you - they might string off at any given moment - yet you still walk in them. I wish things weren't so complicated. It's funny, because he's so into acoustic and I've been on Placebo lately. Too much acoustic I've been listening to. Things are odd between us, but I think it's safe to say we both kinda missed the other. 
It is a "I can't live with or without you" situation.

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