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10:08 pm: Saw Velvet Goldmine this weekend:
 In love with it, basically. 
It was funny, because Shane knows nothing about glam rock (still he owned the movie, but had never watched it). And every time (most of the movie, actually) there was some sort of reference, I'd just jump and yell: "THAT!" and so on. ESPECIALLY the main character, Brian Slade. Bowie much? Haha. When he gets shot... well, I LOVE that get-up. And the whole Angie story, and Ava Cherry, and Iggy Pop, and Mick Jagger (in bed naked, ring a bell?) and so on. It was also sickeningly cute to see Christian Bale as some made-up fan boy. I mean... aww. Cannot BELIEVE I went along without seeing this movie.

Today was awesome for these reasons:
1) My Photoshop class got cancelled, and I had fun with several experiences involving caffeine, some weed and guys in my program, one of them I kinda really really like;
2) Okay, so the caffeine part was pretty darn cool, worth a point in itself: custom double espresso shot strawberry smoothie;
3) Tax return cheque came in! Total: $674! O yeah!
4) Guy from the Sushi Shop emailed me to meet up for an interview, I'd love to work there!
5) Believe it or not, I got a letter from Abbott saying I'm on the *dundundun* Honour Roll for Academic Achievement. How did this happen? Cool nonetheless.

Basically that's it. Plus I'm listening to Bowie right now (the first cd I played back-to-back in my new car, heh heh). I think I might still be slightly hyper. But I do know this: I'm going to bed early tonight. Now, actually. Signing off.

Current Mood: HYPER
Current Music: Hang On To Yourself - David Bowie
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