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buuushino. <3

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09:53 pm: I ate too much chocolate...
 ...so I'm sealing it and putting it away.

Proud though, managed to run 30 minutes despite overblown stomach full of chocolate. Now I feel... full, but good. Better, anyways.

My car is great. I can go anywhere now! :'D It's just so much easier to drive than Mum's Echo. It's smoother. And aside from getting in or out, I prefer being closer to the ground. It makes me feel slightly more in control. 

The guys are all at the Lamb of God concert tonight. Hope they don't turn up dead. Or worse, SUPER DEAD. Yeah, okay, apologies. Chocolate. Running. I'm slightly hyper. This morning I had a custom-made strawberry smoothie with two shots of espresso added to it, and I think I dare say it was the best frozen drink I've ever had. Yes, better than any frappuccino. Uh huh. Plus, it's cheaper. Well... the lady at the Boox and Beanz didn't charge me for my two extra espresso shots, so I guess with that it comes to pretty much the same price.

Well, I'm off to Shane's place now.

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